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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor You Need NOW

April 10, 2017 no comments Uncategorized

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor You Need NOW 



Want to add some major farmhouse oomph to your kitchen quickly and easily? A farmhouse style kitchen remodel or build is fabulous but if that’s not in you the budget or you just dig quick impact you’re in the right place. Add some major style quickly and easily with these farmhouse kitchen decor products you need now.

My husband likes to tell me I suffer from issues with “delayed gratification”.  Anyone else a member of this club?  If so, we’ve got you covered.  All of the great finds today are ready to put on display and give your kitchen instant farmhouse character as soon as they arrive.  And each is budget friendly!


True story; when we built our home we decided to add on an extra wall of cabinetry and enlarge the walk in pantry a bit.  At first, I did not think we needed the storage as we had ample cabinets in the original plan.  Needless to say, we use every bit of the extra cabinets/pantry space we added and I find myself wishing we had ADDITIONAL storage.

1.  Seen often on our favorite show “Fixer Upper” you will find many uses for these.  The larger/wall option is fantastic for mason jar storage or dried flowers.

2. Empty wall space = valuable real estate wasted. Invest in products that utilize the spaces you have that are not currently working for you as well as they could be. Bonus, you are adding major farmhouse style in the process.

3. You can use the following for more than just stylish bread storage (dishtowels, extra utensils, sweets that are better “out of sight out of mind”,  etc…

4.  Not just for wedding/candy buffets! I often have ours out on the island in our kitchen and enjoy using them to decorate for different holidays like Easter and Christmas.  I also use them for storing yummies for making smores during a football get together, etc…  



Tip: Purchase ample white flour sack or other fabric dishtowels so you always have them on hand and at the ready.  They can be bleached to keep their crisp white color and when they start looking a bit worn you can always add them to your cleaning rag stock.

5. Use decorative dish towels to offer decor on the CHEAP which can easily be refreshed for the season or on a whim.


BIG IMPACT for the Price

6. Another gem spotted on “Fixer Upper”–this one is great for a quick note or daily menu!

7. This gorgeous piece qualifies for both “Storage” and “BIG IMPACT”.  Seriously, RUN, don’t walk to pick one up and use it in tons of different ways throughout your house, not just the kitchen! (Craft storage, farmhouse style bar, food and drink storage on the deck during a get-together, and on and on.  

8.  A simple but beautifully effective mat that adds tons of style and a little comfort under your feet while doing the dishes.

LITTLE EXTRAS to drool over

9. Adding a punch of your favorite farmhouse color plus getting stylish functional pieces added to your kitchen=WIN.

10. Proof that you certainly do NOT need to break the bank adding farmhouse style to your kitchen.  Any one of these would be a fantastic gift to a new bride or housewarming gift as well.